وظائف قنوات BBC العربية برواتب تصل الى 7000 ج شهرياً - سارع بالتقدم

وظائف قنوات BBC العربية  برواتب تصل الى 7000 ج شهرياً - سارع بالتقدم


اعلنت قنوات BBC العربية عن حاجنها الى تعيين موظفين جدد للعمل فى مكتب بى بى سى بمحافظة القاهرة فى وظيفة (Broadcast Journalist)

Job Introduction

BBC Arabic is renowned for broadcasting impartial and accurate news and information. Launched in 1938, we are the largest language service in the BBC World Service. Independent research shows that audiences regard BBC Arabic as the most trusted, impartial and objective international radio news provider in the Arab world, with an established reputation for quality.  We involve viewers and listeners in our output, giving you the chance to debate, comment and engage with others and the BBC. Our output covers Radio, TV and Online to Arabic speaking audiences in the Middle East and beyond.  This means audiences to the BBC are exposed to the widest range of views and opinion on the big issues of the day.

We are looking to recruit Broadcast Journalists to work in this exciting and demanding live environment in our Cairo Bureau.

Role Responsibility

You’ll be aligned to radio and will produce news, sports, social issues and current affairs content in Arabic that is accurate, impartial and of high quality. On a daily basis, you’ll be writing and researching stories and other programme material in Arabic. As much of our source material will be in English, you’ll also be translating, adapting and editing material into Arabic.
To ensure our stories stay current, you’ll have responsibility for moving stories on, amending and updating material as required, thinking through and around editorial problems and developing realistic alternative strategies and approaches. Offering original ideas for coverage - we welcome input on sports, youth and gender issues - arranging and conducting interviews will also be part of your role, as will undertaking pre and post production work and using online production systems to produce content for BBC Arabic.com

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